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Why Join the BCREC

Participating in the BC Real Estate Convention will give your company increased exposure and brand awareness. We are the only real estate tradeshow in Western Canada that caters to the professional. The Convention brings together buyers and sellers, residential and commercial developers, realtors, municipalities, associations and other related real estate professionals under one roof.

This is your opportunity to showcase your products, services and concepts to thousands of potential buyers from across Canada, USA, Mexico, Europe and Asia. We are also in partnerships with various high profile media companies nationally and internationally to promote and spread the word about the Convention.

Your exposure will be covered by prominent local media outlets and our sponsors: The Vancouver Sun, The Province, West Coast Homes & Design magazine, News1130, Citytv, Omni Diversity Television. In the weeks leading up to our tradeshow we will launch an extensive promotional campaign including: weekly ads and advertorial pieces in our sponsors' newspapers and magazines, daily on-air announcement spots broadcasted on News1130, Citytv, and Omni Television, and a special television campaign to be aired on Breakfast Television. We've also embraced the internet with an online eNewsletter with 160,000 subscribers and memberships with various online social networks to pass on the good word.

Key Research Findings
90% of respondents rated their overall satisfaction with BCREC as "very satisfied" or "satisfied"

Gender: Male 60%  Female 40%

Age Group: 25-34 25%  35-44 31%  45-54 31%  55-64 13%

eNewsletter - Bi-monthly online eNewsletter
A special benefit for all our Exhibitors

Want to tell a story?

As an Exhibitor you can take advantage of BCREC's eNewsletter to advertise your brand or to guest write an article to showcase your expertise. Ad space and submission of an article is free as an Exhibitor. Your ad will remain in the eNewsletter for one full year!

The eNewsletter is published every week. It features stories about the latest update about the BC Real Estate Convention. The eNewsletter is emailed to over 160,000 readers across Canada, USA, Mexico, Asia and Europe.

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